CEO of Atom partner and Member of Board of Directors at AIGO

A member of the Serbian Association of Managers, Ms Aleksandra Vuksanović-Kurtović is the CEO of the Atom Partner Company. Atom Partner is a company for distribution, import and export of IT equipment.

She gained her professional experiences working with some of the largest IT distributors in this region, starting from the BS Procesor Company, where she worked for 11 years in various positions and where she was promoted to the position of Company’s Executive Manager, to the Alti Company, where she worked as the General Manager for Distribution.

Following her employment with the Atom Partner Company in 2011, this Company started developing its distribution business. This is a dynamic and flexible Company which can easily adapt to different and changing needs and requirements of the global market. The Company is carrying out a substantial part of its business activities abroad. The Company has its subsidiaries in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Skoplje, Macedonia, as well.

Since 2016, she is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Aigo BS Company. Together with other members of this team, she is working on the business restructuring of this Company at a critical point of this Company’s development path. With its new management team, Aigo BS has confidently continued its business at the beginning of 2017 and has continued its series of business successes whereby it has reaffirmed its position of a leading IT company in the Serbian market.In the most recent period, she has led the team tasked with acquisition of all the companies that are currently owned by our Company and with the regional expansion of the Aigo Company.

Her entire professional career was dedicated to the business in the IT industry. By profession, sale is her primary vocation, but owing to her ambition, she has been a leader and mentor to generations of younger colleagues who grew up professionally in the teams led by her. As a manager, she is “strict but fair”, as the members of her team described her. He believes that any goal is achievable, providing that all the members of the team can identify themselves with the goal they’re striving to achieve. She is constantly and passionately working on her personal and professional development with the top consultants, through regular investments in professional training courses and seminars. The management fields in which she excels, by her knowledge and practical experiences, include organization, team organisation and building, as well as establishing of partner networks.

She was born on November 16, 1973 in Belgrade. She graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Department for Management. She is married and has one daughter. Apart from her daughter, family and professional career, travelling is another passion of hers.