Portfolio Manager – Energy and Project Manager, United Nations Development Programme

Maja Matejic, MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

As of 2011holds the position of Energy Portfolio Manager in UNDP CO Serbia, being a project manager of two large scale GEF projects and responsible for the implementation and development of other energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects within the CO. Maja Matejic has 28 years of work experience both in engineering, and in project management. Her main areas of expertise are energy management (EM), energy audits, EM information systems, investments in EE/RE and design of financial support mechanisms in EE/RE. In her capacity as a technical expert she has been involved in a number of activities related to the development of EE regulatory framework in Serbia. Before joining the UNDP she was employed as a team leader/project manager by GIZ and Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency. Earlier, she had been working as a lecturer and research assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. She is an author/co-author of a number of professional papers and books.