Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

He teaches courses in Strategic Management and Project Management (undergraduate studies), Business Strategy and Strategic Finance (postgraduate studies), and Economics of Strategy (doctoral studies). He wrote a dozen of books in the fields of strategic management, project management, and economic transition. He was a visiting professor at the University of Venice as well as a professor of Fulbright Foundation. He is the Editor in Chief of scientific journal Ekonomika preduzeca. He is the Executive Chairman of the Kopaonik Business Forum. He is the President of the Serbian Association of Corporate Directors. He has been working for Deloitte for more than two decades, and since 2007 he has held the position of Chairman of Deloitte Serbia. He was President of the Serbian Association of Economists for fifteen years. He was a member of the Economic Council of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. He is/was a member of the board of directors in several organizations such as Metalac, Sintelon (Tarkett), Apatinska pivara (Molson Coors), Imlek (Mid Europe Partners), Addiko Bank, Messer Tehnogas and Cardiovascular Institute of Dedinje. His constant preoccupation is economics of transition.