Zoran Tadic


Zoran Tadic

CEO at Neofyton & Honorary Consul of Austria in AP Vojvodina

Biography Mr. Zoran Tadić

Mr. Zoran Tadić, born on September 10, 1969, in Novi Sad, Serbia, is a multifaceted individual with a diverse background and a strong commitment to professional and personal development. Married and a father of two sons, Tadić’s journey is characterized by entrepreneurship, educational pursuits, and significant contributions to the business and academic communities.

Tadić’s educational foundation was laid at the “Jovan Popović” elementary school and the electro-technical school “Mihajlo Pupin” in Novi Sad. In 1998, he graduated from the Faculty of Technology at the University of Novi Sad with a degree in polymer technologies, earning the title of engineer.

Early in the ’90s, while still a student, Tadić ventured into the world of marketing, managing various aspects such as music, concerts, promotions, and fashion shows in Novi Sad and Belgrade. In 1994, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing a design and printing studio alongside a venture into radio advertisement production.

In 1996, Tadić accepted an invitation from Professor Dragoslav Stojiljković, PhD, from the Faculty of Technology, to join the “Poly” company as the co-editor of the trade magazine “The World of Plastics and Rubber.” Following his graduation in 1998, Tadić assumed the role of the general manager at Neofyton, a position he continues to hold today.

Tadić’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his participation in numerous courses and training programs, covering engineering, management, sales strategies, and finance. Notably, he pursued advanced studies at prestigious institutions such as Oxford University and the London School of Economics and Political Science, obtaining a master’s degree in Global Business from the Saïd Business School.

As a testament to his dedication to education, Tadić is currently in the final year of his doctoral studies in Finance and Banking at the European Center for Peace and Development in Belgrade.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tadić has maintained an active lifestyle as a sports enthusiast, engaging in activities like karate, skiing, and cycling. His interests span music, Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment, film, design, photography, architecture, and sports cars.

Tadić holds the role of the regional Alumni Ambassador of Oxford University for Serbia, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration within the business and education sectors. Additionally, he was appointed as Honorary Consul of Austria in Novi Sad in 2021, contributing significantly to the development of bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Austria. Tadić’s Neofyton company, recognized for its corporate social responsibility, received the prestigious “Đorđe Vajfert” award.

His commitment to education is further exemplified by the successful implementation of dual education for the mechatronics technician high school profile, a project undertaken in collaboration with the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Neofyton.

Mr. Zoran Tadić’s life journey is marked by a blend of entrepreneurship, education, and civic engagement, making him a notable figure in both the local and international business and academic communities.