Dr Milan Parivodic


Dr Milan Parivodic

Principal attorney at law

Dr. Parivodić is principal lawyer in business law firm PARIVODIC ADVOKATI/LAWYERS.

With 20 years of business law practice, vast transaction and political experience, and top UK (UCL London) and Serbian legal training, Dr. Parivodić is the trusted advisor to international companies in all of their legal and government relations needs in Serbia. He is general counsel to the Geological and Mining Association of Serbia (GRAS) since 2014.

His experienced top-ranked lawyers work with him on most complex investment projects, often in highly regulated industries. Virtually every transaction and other business venture is completed successfully, while investment projects advance according to plan efficiently and lawfully. Very active in mining and other regulated industries, government relations, environmental law, foreign investment law, real estate and construction law, all kinds of international business contracts, transactions and corporate combinations, Intellectual property and dispute resolution.

Milan is known for his ability to solve any legal and business problem to clients’ full satisfaction, ethically and legally. Therefore, also Introduced breakthrough novelties into Serbian legislature. In the last 15 years participated in drafting Serbian commercial legislation: Mining Law (2021), Foreign Investment Law (2015), Mining Law (2015), Foreign Trade Law (2005), Arbitration Law (2006), Mortgage Law (2006), Religious Communities Restitution Law (2006), Foreign Investment Law (2002), Concession Law (2003), Law on Efficient Protection of Intellectual Property (2006), draft Property Law (2006), draft Law on Restitution (2007).

An example are the novelties that Dr. Parivodić introduced into the Mortgage Law in 2005 that have doubled the total value of real property available as collateral in Serbia by expanding mortgages to construction permits, construction sites and non-registered buildings. The Mortgage law initiated project financing and also out-of-court sales in Serbia. Mortgaging became central for the banks financing real estate development, and this unleashed the rapid growth of real estate industry in Serbia ever since.