Slobodan Cvetkovic


Slobodan Cvetkovic

Minister of Economy of the Republic of Serbia

Born in 1974 in Novi Sad. He graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Banking at the Braca Karic University. He received his master’s degree on the subject of “Social responsibility of corporations as a factor of local sustainable development”.

From 2004 to 2012, he was the provincial assistant secretary for culture and public information in the Vojvodina government for two terms, the head of the Sector for Information Systems and Electronic Media. Since then, this sector, in cooperation with Radio and Television of Vojvodina, realises live broadcasts of the sessions of the Assembly of Vojvodina and press conference of provincial authorities.

From March 2013, he was in the position of assistant director for international commercial affairs of the Institute for Agriculture and Vegetables “NS Seme”.

He served as director of the Public Enterprise “Sports Center” in Beocin. He was appointed as a member of the Management Board of the Agency for Port Management of Serbia. He was elected to the Council of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica.

Since 2014, he has been the general director of “Novosadski sajam” AD.

He is the president of the City Committee of the Socialist Party of Serbia in Novi Sad. He is a deputy in the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad and the president of the Socialist Party of Serbia –United Serbia Group of Deputies.

He practiced the sport of kayaking on calm waters.
He speaks English.
He is married with two children.