Topics to be discussed

2022 topics to be discussed

War in Ukraine: The Impact in the Region of Southeast Europe
Geopolitical Powershifts in the Balkans – Keeping Southeast Europe in the Western Fold
Unlocking the Accession of Western Balkans in the European Union: EU and Serbia a Strategic Partnership
The Pipeline Conundrum: New Regional Energy Avenues
Transition to the Green Economy
Connectivity in the Balkans: A Key to Economic Growth
Does Serbian Economy need a new Production Model?
Strategies for Financing Economic Growth
Inflation: Here to Stay or Transitory?
Digital Transformation: Taking Government to the next Level
Powering up Healthcare Systems: Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Innovations, and Pharma Industrial Strategy
Building Urban Resilience: Regional Development and Policies - Imagining the Cities of the Future
Women’s Economic Empowerment in Practice
Food and Agribusiness
Hospitality and Tourism Investment Forces for the Future