Director of the Atlantic Grupa Representative Office for Serbia

 Vladimir Čupić once again joined the Atlantic Team, on 1st of July, at a position of the General Secretary and Director of the Atlantic Grupa Representative Office for Serbia, which thanks to his being well-established in the economic and social life of Serbia he has successfully discharged in 2015.

 In the past year, Čupić has additionally built his rich managerial experience at a position of the Executive and Finance Director of the Victoria Group company, where he has worked on the further improvement of the financial operations and achieving the strategic goals of that company.

Vladimir has a amply experience gained in the banking sector and came to Atlantic Grupain 2015 from the position of President of the Management Board of AIK Banka a.d.Niš, which he held from mid-2013. Prior to that, from 2006, he was head of the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank a.d. in Belgrade, where he was a Board Member since 2003. His rich experience includes management of the Serbian Privatization Agency and a career in the Ministry of Economy and Privatization of the Republic of Serbia, as advisor to the Minister.

From 1997-2001 he worked at the Deloitte &Touche consulting company. He is active in the work of an array of organizations such as NALED (National Alliance for Local Economic Development), the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, the Association of Serbian Banks, the Serbian Association of Economists, the Business Advisory Council of Southeastern Europe, and the Serbian Business Club Privrednik. Vladimir has a bachelor degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, while his professional development was acquired through numerous programs in his own country and abroad.